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How to Save Ink on UV Flatbed Printers

03/21 2022

Meixi UV flatbed printer in addition to the cost of the machine itself, is the cost of printing ink and nozzles, generally if the more things printed, the more ink used.

I. UV flatbed printer how to save ink

1. UV printer cartridges filled with black ink, to be appropriate;

2. As far as possible to pick the printing ink black ink to fill;

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

3. In the UV flatbed printer printer cartridge filled with black ink, let the printer cartridge first rest for more than ten minutes franchise, to facilitate the black ink gradually seep into every corner of the cotton pad, and thus ensure the quality of printing;

4. To prevent the UV printer cartridge long-term exposure to the air and caused by dry blockage, although there are ways to clean it, but should be filled with ink immediately after the UV flatbed printer cartridge will be playing ink, and fill the ink immediately after the UV flatbed printer. If the printer is not applied temporarily, you can also put the nozzle into a special type of nozzle storage box, in which a specially made rubber plate to isolate the gas, to maintain the long-term wet nozzle;

5. To ensure that the UV flatbed printer is added to the printer cartridge is intact;

6. To apply high quality black ink to fill as much as possible;

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Meixi UV printer has always been known for environmental protection and energy saving, high efficiency. Print without repeatedly complicated work in the procedural process, do not have to hire too many workers to carry out ink printing printing plate making work, print out the pattern of goods designed to be true, color recovery true, can replace and restore the traditional type of printing process.

Meixi UV printers are all equipped with secondary ink cartridges with staggered print heads for higher printing accuracy and greater ink savings. The waste ink recycling device not only protects the finished print, but also makes full use of the ink.

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