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MX-3220UV GEN5 Flatbed Printer

Meixi MX-3220UV GEN5 Flatbed UV Printer Use 2-10Pcs Ricoh Gen5 Printhead. 4/6/8 Colors High Resolution Print is Available to Satisfy Clients’ Requirement. High Speed Production Mode Can Print 45 Sqm/Hr.

product overview



    MX-3220UV GEN5 Flatbed Printer

    Printing Size 3200*2000MM
    Print Head  Ricoh Gen5 Grey Scale Micro Piezo Printhead
    Numbers of Print Head  2~10 Pcs
    Carriage Lifting Function Carriage Height Automatic Adjustment, Intelligent Detection of Material Thickness
    Ink Type Environment Friendly UV Curing Ink
    Print Color 

    CMYK / CMYK, LC, LM + White + Varnish

    Volume of Ink Tank 2000ml Bulk Ink Supply System
    Ink Supply System Double Negative Pressure System
    Ink Monitoring System Automatic Ink Alarm System

    RIP Software

    Standard: PhotoPrint. Print Factory and Onyx Optional.

    Print File Format

    TIFF, JPEG, PDF, EPS, PNG, AI, BMP, etc.
    Color Management ICC Based; Density & Curves Adjustable
    Power Supply

    50HZ/60HZ, 110~220V

    Working Environment Temperature 20C-35C (68F-95F)
    Working Environment Humidity 35%-65%Rh
    Printing Speed

    High Speed Mode   45Sqm/H
    Production Mode     30Sqm/H
    High Quality Mode   23Sqm/H



        • Ricoh GEN5 Print Head

          MEIXI MX-3220UV GEN5 Flatbed UV Printer use Ricoh GEN5 industrial printhead, the advantage of this printhead: long life, high precision, wear resistance, low plugging rate; can choose different combinations of ink droplets according to the printed material, printing or standby with automatic flash spray function, can achieve a day without interruption to keep the nozzle open, always in good working condition.

        • Four Rows Print Carriage

          MEIXI MX-3220UV Flatbed UV Printer use 4 Rows Print Carriage with Heating. 4 Rows total 10Pcs Head Position for GEN5. Printer has 8 Rows Ink Pipe, 5 Ink Tanks and 5 Secondary Ink Cartridge as standard. Customer can choose CMYK / CMYK, LC, LM + W + V according to requirements.The cartridges are temperature-adjustable and can easily cope with various external temperatures.

        • Double THK Linear Guide

          MEIXI MX-3220UV GEN5 Flatbed UV Printer use of double THK linear guide makes the equipment run smoothly, long service life, no maintenance under normal working environment within ten years long life; greatly reduce the noise generated by the equipment in the process of high-speed movement, noise can be controlled within 40 decibels.


        • Integrated Honeycomb Platform

          TMEIXI MX-3220UV GEN5 Flatbed UV Printer use Integrated honeycomb platform, hard oxidation process on the surface, 2.2KW silent fan, 5 sections of zoning control. It is easy for the operator to operate the ball valve during the use of the machine, and the personnel do not need to move to the side of the machine to reduce the movement of personnel.

        • Integrated Tempered Steel Frame

          MEIXI MX-3220UV GEN5 Flatbed UV Printer frame is all quenched and stress relieved to ensure that the accuracy of the machine will not be lost during long-term operation, so that the service life of the machine is 5-6 times higher than that of an ordinary bed. The bed is processed by high precision CNC gantry milling machine to ensure the geometric accuracy of the equipment. All the installation holes of the equipment are completed by machining center in one time, which ensures the accuracy of the total assembly of the equipment.

        • Grinding Lead Screw

          MEIXI MX-3220UV GEN5 Flatbed UV Printer Adopt grinding screw drive control device, which can greatly improve the inking accuracy and make the band streaks generated by inking error significantly reduced; configure high-speed silent imported screw, high precision, low noise, wear resistance, to ensure accurate positioning.

        • Magnetic Grid

          MEIXI MX-3220UV Flatbed GEN5 UV Printer uses Magnetic Grid reduces the problem of printing position shift caused by ink falling on the metal grating scale after the quick spraying of the printhead, ensuring the cleanliness of the scale, which also indirectly improves the dirt resistance of the scale.

        • Double Negative Pressure System

          MEIXI MX-3220UV Flatbed GEN5 UV Printer uses Double Negative Pressure System. The ink supply process negative pressure device always maintain a balanced negative pressure value of the ink droplets, so that the ink is more uniform, and is not disturbed by the viscosity of the ink itself and the external environments, continuous ink supply to the printhead.

        • CMYK+W+V Printing One Time

          MEIXI MX-3220UV Flatbed GEN5 UV Printer support to print CMYK+W+V One Time. When the printing medium is made of transparent or other color materials, white ink is used for color reproduction preprocessing, so that the original The color of the body is no longer limited, and the varnish that can increase the gloss can get a more realistic and perfect printing effect.

        • VSDT Variable Ink Droplet

          MEIXI MX-3220UV Flatbed GEN5 UV Printer support VSDT variable ink droplet technology refers to the technology that can control the size of the ink ejected from the nozzle. After the size of the ink droplet can be controlled, then when printing pictures, you can transition colors, gradient colors, or characters in some pictures. The printing effect of these parts of the skin is very delicate, and the overall printing effect is greatly improved, which makes the color saturation and fineness of the printed picture better.


          Model: MX-3220UV
          Heads Type: Ricoh GEN5
          Heads Quantity: 2-10 GEN5
          Max Printing Size: 2500*1300mm/98.42*51.18"
          Print Height: 0-100mm/3.93" ( Accept Customized Height )
          Ink Type: Environmental Friendly UV Ink
          Printing Color: CMYK / CMYK, LC, LM + White + Varnish
          Ink Supply Method: 2000ml Bulk Ink Supply System
          Printing Table: 2*2.2kw Vacuum Air Pump and Five-Stage Suction Area
          Print Head Control: Voltage of Temperature of Print Head Adjustable
          UV Lights: Cold Light Source of LED UV
          Rip Software: Photo Print (Standard) / ONXY (Optional)
          Volt and Power: 110/220V 50/60HZ



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