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The Advantages of Meixi UV Printer

06/13 2022

Meixi UV printer development to date, the technology has become more and more mature, compared to traditional printing equipment UV printer advantages in the slow expansion of this has been the trend, I believe that in the near future to replace the traditional printing machine, the next I give you some of the main advantages of which.

First of all, the printing material is very wide, as long as the plane material or close to the plane material can basically print, tile, glass, wood, leather, metal signs, advertising industry, soft film, light boxes, acrylic and many other materials can be printed, application areas include all walks of life, because the application of a variety of industries, to meet people’s personalized needs, common cell phone case customization, bags, packaging boxes, T-shirts and so on.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Then is the UV printer’s high precision, high stability, large printing equipment requires a long period of uninterrupted operation so must maintain the stability of the machine, only then the printed products to meet the requirements of customers, but also to meet the needs of high-volume production.

UV printer is an integral part of the molding, no plate drying, UV lights quickly dry, equivalent to play that is used, compared to traditional printing machines is undoubtedly omitted a lot of processes, saving a lot of time, the printing process does not produce waste gas and wastewater, in line with the green production process.

Finally is the printing effect, UV printer nozzle multi-color printing, realistic effect, colorful and rich layers, can show the relief effect and 3D effect, varnish effect, a large number of applications in the decoration and advertising industry, which is no way to do the traditional printer.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

With the continuous development of Meixi UV printer, the advantages will become more and more prominent, there are many advantages of the editor will not be one by one example, if you want to know more information about UV printer, online consultation contact our marketing staff, we will be happy to serve you.

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