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Wood Background Wall UV Printer Printing Effect

06/28 2022

uv flatbed printer can print what? I believe we all may already know and understand that the uv printer industry applications are very wide, so can print the material is also very much, then today to share with you about the uv printer printing wood backdrop printing effect, let you look at the MEIXI-2513UV flatbed machine printing wood doors or wood flooring and other wood printing effect is how. Whether it is wood door material, wood flooring, wood backdrop, etc., as long as the material can be flat to the uv flatbed machine can print.

Wooden backdrop printing effect

Wooden relief backdrop printing effect

Wooden relief uv printing effect

Wood uv flatbed printing effect

Wood flat printing effect

I believe that we have appreciated the universal printer printing effect of wood materials, is not very high, especially some wood flooring application cases, if the customer is a manufacturer of wood flooring, if you need to print print patterns, MEIXI-2513UV flatbed machine is a good choice for you.
Flatbed printer printing effect cases on the end of the look, this time is not want to know the uv printer details? Here I have long been ready for you MEIXI 2513UV printer to everyone, and a variety of universal printer parameters configuration is also in it.

MX-2513UV universal uv flatbed printer
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