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Can Meixi UV Flatbed Printers Be Free of Coating

04/18 2022

What is the no-coating of UV flatbed printer? How to avoid coating? What are the advantages? These three are troubled new users of the problem, such as the inability to understand the differences between them, it is simple to the use of later equipment to form a lot of trouble, serious may buy equipment that can not be used, a waste of money.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

No coating UV flatbed printer refers to the printing part of the material, without the material surface pre-press processing can start printing. It does not mean that all materials can be prevented from coating printing, this non-coating printing is a condition of bondage. For example: in the surface of plastic materials can be prevented from coating, common cell phone shells, notebook cases, etc.. Building materials such as plaster ceilings are also common to prevent coating printing; but some are not coating-free printing, such as glass, glazed porcelain tiles, metal and other high surface density, smooth class materials are not directly printed. So, how is free of coating? Free of coating there is actually the resolution by the ink, UV ink itself contains corrosive, can do a slim (invisible to the naked eye) corrosion of the surface of the material, in the process, the pigment component of the ink can be attached to the surface of the material, to complete the entire printing process.

Of course, now there is also part of the glass without coating ink, in fact, is added to the distribution of chemical agents, seemingly one less process, but bring more loss. If it is an industrial printhead, no problem. Small printheads if you choose this kind of words, down the purity of the ink, the increase in impurities, resulting in the effect of the nozzle in a very short period of time, clogged, scrapped. Do printing know that printing some things like glass, tiles, metal materials can not be printed directly, the need to do some coating on the material to print, then the main advantages of using the coating.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

First, drying speed

Fast processing fluid selection of special chemical materials, spraying is about three minutes after the dry, especially in the smooth materials like glass, porcelain, metal, which is reflected in a few types of significant.

Second, better printing quality

If printed directly on certain materials, mainly smooth and non-absorbent materials, the effect is poor, and the effect is special after the choice of treatment solution. Regardless of whether the material zigzag folding or super-long placement, the material surface layer will not appear cracking, fracture and other phenomena.

Third, wear-resistant, waterproof

Because of the ingredients of the processing fluid with adhesive ingredients, so the ink and material after printing the adsorption force is superior, far more than no treatment condition many times the degree of wear and tear, the choice of processing fluid after the waterproof material is also far more than the uncoated condition many times.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Fourth, in some special industry selection is more appropriate, processing fluid with flexibility, transparency, impact resistance and other characteristics, is essential for some industries of the new process.

Customers who have used weak solvent flatbed printers know that with this machine to print glass, tile, metal, leather and other 90% of the material must be coated. Because the weak solvent ink directly printed graphics, there is a great possibility of ink pile, slow drying speed, poor printing airbrush and other conditions. To do pre-printing treatment, that is, on the coating.

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