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Why do uv printers need to be adjusted?

04/14 2022

Do printing friends know that there is a very important concept called “ICC curve”, this curve is not good, the color will be played out a relatively large deviation, affecting product quality. What is the ICC curve?
Simply put, the ICC curve is the ink rationing scheme when a printer uses a certain ink and prints on top of a certain material. As we know, printing using cmyk four-color mode, several ink printing in the same area, due to the different ratios show different colors, we want the pattern.

However, there are many kinds of ink, each ink and theoretical values are different, coupled with the different absorption of different printing materials vary, the color of the display and the formation of color differences between the picture. What to do? Manually make an ICC curve for the printout to solve.
Usually, manufacturers in the UV printer before shipping will be for the customer’s processing situation to develop a specific program, from the characteristics of the machine, processing technology, processing materials, the use of ink in all aspects of the comprehensive, the performance of the machine tuned to the best. Unless there is a major change in the processing project, generally do not need to redo the curve, the user needs to pay attention in use must be used in accordance with the configuration specified by the manufacturer and do not arbitrarily replace the ink, the above problem can be avoided.

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