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Crystal label transfer can use UV printing?

07/21 2022

Printing labels is not the patent of traditional screen and digital label machine, recently, there is a hot spot in the UV printer industry, that is, crystal label. Cosmetics, gift boxes, corrugated paper bags, cycling helmets, electronic products, tea set products, etc. Crystal paste in the market to meet the wide range of packaging goods, whether it is printed LOGO or pattern labels, a “tear film” can be “transfer printing”. 


MEIXI’s UV PRINTER can make the printed image waterproof and anti-fading. The main advantages are as follows:  

  • Low VOC, low energy demand, instantaneous drying.  
  • Suitable for a variety of substrates.  
  • Do not block the nozzle, ink composition is stable.  
  • Scratch resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, no pollution.  

Relative to the market in use for a long time of pure silk screen printing, screen printing + digital, AB film digital solutions, digital spray adhesive and so on, with MEIXI UV printer crystal, not only can keep the UV plan all the advantages, also can streamline the print process implementation on-demand jet printing, in the “Easy to stick” and “resistance” compared with common model also implements the market larger breakthrough,  In addition to the application in advertising, packaging, signage, handicrafts and other fields, but also can print the performance of the irregular irregular surface such as cylindrical surface products, labels, cosmetics, skin care products, tobacco and alcohol and other products packaging field is also promising.  

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