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MEIXI UV Printers Open The Personalized Nameplate Printing Market

07/19 2022

In daily life, various labels can be seen everywhere. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, people’s aesthetic needs are becoming more and more diversified.

To print patterns of different shapes and sizes, it is necessary to manufacture corresponding screen plates, which has high production costs and complex procedures, and it is easy to show the problem of inaccurate pattern registration.

In order to meet the diverse needs of different customers in the market, the MEIXI UC R&D team has overcome difficulties and innovated independently. The UV printer can directly print and spray on the surface of the article, and the color of the pattern printed by the printer is brighter and the effect is better.

However, today’s market needs are completely different. More and more customers order low-volume products customized for specific needs. UV printers rely on printing from one sheet, no plate making, that is, print and dry, variable data, and print on demand.

Meet the needs of many types of personalized and small-batch customization customers. The beautiful and unique label design makes the gift box or product look more advanced, which can greatly stimulate consumers’ desire to purchase. THE MEIXI UV printers can perfectly display hot stamping through the use of special varnishes.Silver effect, magnificent, make the overall packaging design more textured.

The beautiful and unique label design makes the gift box or product look more upscale, which can greatly stimulate consumers’ desire to buy. The MEIXI UV printer can perfectly present the bronzing and silver effect by using special varnish, which is magnificent and makes the overall packaging design more elegant.

In the digital wave, printing more diversified and more visually impactful design patterns, letting what you see is what you get, is the charm of digital printing. MEIXI UV PRINTER will use continuous technological innovation to provide customers in various industries with the most practical products and application solutions needed, and use technology to lead a new printing experience

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