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Give You Several Reasons to Buy Meixi UV Printer

04/06 2022

01、Improve Production Efficiency

In this fast-paced period, efficiency means orders, which means profit. UV printer is dried by light curing method, without heat source, without solvent, and the curing time is very short. Ordinary UV process are able to complete the line speed of 400 m / min, can greatly improve production efficiency.

02、Improve Product Performance

In this era, it is about differentiated sales. UV printing on most substrates, its printing suitability are very good. UV printing products dot clear, order tone reproduction is good, bright ink color, printing divergence is high. At the same time, because the UV curing process is a photochemical reaction process, and thus both the ink layer or varnish layer, have strong adhesion, durability, as well as water resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging and other advantages, greatly improving the performance of the product.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

03、Strong Adhesion

Still experiencing the pattern a scratch of the difficulty? Try UV printing it. UV ink in the chemical substances after cross-linking reaction constitutes a polymer planar mesh polymer, so that the ink layer of strong adhesion, with high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance properties.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

04、Curing Level is Fast

Rushing delivery over there, this side of the pattern has not yet dried, only dry anxiety? UV ink as long as the UV light will dry under the reflection, even if the ink in the ink hopper long-term hosting, its performance can also remain stable, will not present in the ink roller crust phenomenon. However, once the UV light, UV ink will be able to dry in a flash, the general only 1/10S can be completely dry and fixed in the substrate’s appearance, will not be printed after the completion of the process of handling and other ruined patterns, greatly reducing the product scrap rate.

05、Meet The Requirements of Environmental Protection

UV ink curing solid content close to 100%, simply does not contain VOC (volatile organic compounds), in the curing process will not or little radiation of volatile organic compounds, will not form a harmful environmental pollution, belongs to an environmentally friendly ink.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Meixi UV flatbed printer full models using cold light source UV-LED system curing, longer life, more energy efficient and power saving, printing instant drying, to expand the scope of application of the printer material, full models using the head anti-collision configuration, in order to provide you with better printing help at the same time, to ensure the safety of the print nozzle, reduce your use of UV machines on the nozzle loss. printers use environmentally friendly UV curing ink adapted to Ricoh printheads as standard, and are equipped with a secondary cartridge heating function to ensure fast printing while ensuring that the ink does not solidify, thereby reducing the appearance of printing failures.

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