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How MEIXI UV Printer Can Be Environmentally Friendly?

06/22 2022

Environmental protection is being paid more and more attention to, especially in recent years, many companies that do not meet environmental requirements have closed down, and the printing industry has been reshuffled. UV printer products that are healthy and environmentally friendly have become the mainstay of printing technology, and many companies with printing needs are equipped with MEIXI UV printers to replace traditional printing technology. Let’s take a look at five aspects of this equipment is how to meet environmental standards.

First: No noise pollution, this is very critical, not disturbing to the public, the operator is also very friendly, for long-term use of the operator will not affect the hearing.

In the printing process, MEIXI UV printer noise decibel is less than 50 decibels, which meets the requirements of both residential buildings and industrial noise decibel requirements. It avoids the physical damage caused by long-term high noise pollution to hearing, and vision.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Secondly: There is no light pollution, there is no damage to the operator’s eyesight, you do not stare at the wavelength of light containing ultraviolet light for a long time can protect your eyesight.

In the printing process, MEIXI UV printer emits light waves through the light-emitting diode curing lamp. Staring at light wavelengths containing UV light for a long time will cause eye discomfort and dryness. Therefore, the lamp is designed to be positioned very low to avoid the diffusion of high level light, and the operator is required to wear protective glasses while working. In fact, because the device prints automatically after installation, the technician does not need to stare at it for a long time, effectively protecting the eyes.

Third: Pollution of odor can be said to be minimal.

This is mainly reflected in the UV ink. Although UV ink has very low pollution compared to traditional printing dyes, it has passed environmental tests. In fact, the odor will evaporate after 1 hour of placing the pattern printed with high quality UV ink, and the odor produced in the production is so small that there is no need to worry about any breathing pollution.

Fourth: effluent pollution, producing less ink, unlike traditional printing.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Piezoelectric inkjet printing system to ensure on-demand printing, unlike traditional printing will produce a large number of need to discharge waste liquid. UV printers work for a month after the production of waste UV ink is very little, can be directly introduced into the sewer cleaning.

Fifth: Equipment material contamination.

MEIXI UV printing equipment is made of safe and environmentally friendly materials, in line with industry standards, will not cause any harm to humans and can be operated with confidence.

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