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Lipstick tube uv printer can color printing cylindrical shape?

06/21 2022

I believe that customers interested in cosmetic printers want to understand the price of cosmetic flatbed printers, do not rush to understand the price of the machine, because only really able to solve the problem of industry printing needs for customers of cosmetic printers is a good machine.

This issue again to cosmetic printer subdivision of the lipstick tube uv printer as the theme, share a series of articles about lipstick tube uv printing to be able to color printing cylindrical shape, I hope to make customers who want to know more about cosmetic MEIXI uv printer have a more profound impression.

So here comes the question, the most general contact with cosmetics is lipstick, then lipstick surface uv printing has become a key to market demand, a large number of lipstick tube manufacturers in order to make the surface of the lipstick tube better look more durable and more youthful, uv printing pattern design needs have become an urgent need to solve the problem of producers, then lipstick tube uv printer just perfect solution to the above problem.

Then the shape of the lipstick tube is square, cylindrical, there are irregular, then the lipstick tube uv flatbed printer can print a flat surface in addition to the cylindrical shape can also be? The answer is of course yes, Runchai uv flatbed printer manufacturers of a flatbed and cylindrical printer can perfectly solve the problem of producing both square and cylindrical, there is no need to purchase another lipstick tube uv printer, so lipstick tube uv printer can print both square lipstick tube, can also print cylindrical lipstick tube, more can print irregular high drop lipstick tube, really It can be called a universal printer ah!

This share everyone learned?

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