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Introduce the maintenance of flatbed printer when the temperature is low

05/30 2022

Introduce the maintenance of the flatbed printer when the temperature is low

  1. each customer to use the flatbed printer in winter, you can use a hair dryer every morning when you turn on the machine blowing. 

  2. and summer compared to the dry air in winter, is the printer’s “high incidence of disease”, if not carefully maintained, may cause the print nozzle clogging, word car abnormal (commonly known as head banging), serious and even so the nozzle cracking, once such failures, the warranty period is free also strike, and outside the warranty period, then It will cost a considerable amount of money, so strengthen maintenance is the “cure” for the root cause of the problem!

  3. due to the cold weather, if the indoor (working environment) is relatively cold and too dry, then pay attention to the usual placement, as far as possible, a larger and thicker cloth cover on the printer, especially the paper inlet and outlet, etc. all covered, because the printhead in the printer, if you can protect the cold air does not enter the printer space, then the printhead can be prevented from printing ink droplets on the solidification, otherwise it is easy to cause clogging, resulting in the head. Otherwise, it is easy to cause head blocking, resulting in a decline in printing. 4.

  4. also note that at least once a week to start the printer, the printer needs to warm up when it is turned on and will automatically carry out the printhead cleaning process (usually the amount of ink consumed to start cleaning is very small), it can be attached to the original ink droplets discharged from the printhead, to avoid a long time ink droplets stay on the printhead and cause clogging. And a nozzle check, can effectively check the current use of the nozzle to see if there is a lack of print lines and other phenomena (usually the lack of print lines are blocked performance). 5.

  5. in ordinary times can also open the printer cover (must be in the off state), you can see the printer has a relatively smooth iron bar across it, the iron bar in the industry known as the guide rod, is the print head running track, in operation because the guide rod above the lubricant, printing can be fast and accurate to complete the work. And winter because of the cold, the lubricant is easy to solidify, coupled with the daily use of the machine if you have not carried out some maintenance, such as usually always open the printer cover work, so that dust and other constant invasions of the guide bar, a long time to winter, it is likely to appear word car abnormal phenomenon. If you want to avoid this situation, try to spot a few drops of fine. Dense lubricant, and try to remove the original left on the guide bar dirt.

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