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MEIXI UV Flatbed Printer With Suction Platform Reasons

03/07 2022

The suction platform (vacuum adsorption platform), mainly relies on the air flow formed by the rotating fan of the suction fan below the machine. what is the role of the suction platform of UV printer? Role: adsorption of materials on the surface of the platform to achieve the purpose of fixing, thus making the printing process of UV printers easier.

Why does the MEIXI UV printer use a suction platform? This article introduces the role of the suction platform. Suction function is mainly designed for some soft materials (such as leather, plastic, PVC, etc.), open the adsorption function, so that soft materials more flat lay on top of the machine platform, to facilitate the printhead printing, and can better protect the printhead, we all know that when printing soft materials, soft materials are very easy to warp up, but the material warped, will lead to material and nozzle friction, not only will lead to material scrap The printhead will also have damage.

Print hard material platform flat, to avoid scratching the printhead, to ensure quality.

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MEIXI UV printer suction platform is included with the machine, does not belong to the additional accessories. The flatbed printer adsorbs the material on a flat surface through small holes on the surface of the platform to maintain a flat, wrinkle-free surface.
Unlike the adsorption platform is the glass platform, the glass platform of the machine does not have adsorption function, when printing soft materials will have to be fixed with tape, very troublesome, and waste of time, so the role of the adsorption function in the many functions of the UV printer should not be underestimated.

So UV printer adsorption function is how it works? The operation is very simple, as long as you put the material on the adsorption platform, open the adsorption function can be. Adsorption platform is a honeycomb-shaped hole, open the adsorption function, you can let the material stick to the platform above. Of course, the suction platform also has the function of blowing air, which can easily make the heavy products move away from the plane easily. These are the roles of the suction platform, which is the reason why the suction platform is more popular.

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