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Requirements of MEIXI UV Printer for Working Environment

03/02 2022

1.Air quality, the working environment do not have too much dust, particles; air flow is small, not to produce air convection, causing printing flying ink. Solution: choose a closed working environment, the walls are painted white, the ground brush floor paint, to reduce the generation of dust!

2.Air humidity, control between 30%-50%; can not work in too dry environment, because it is easy to generate static electricity, affecting the printing effect, such as acrylic, wood, metal plate, glass, etc. are prone to static electricity, serious static electricity will cause the machine nozzle, the motherboard and other electrical parts burned off! Solution: the machine in accordance with the de-static device, or machine installation grounding wire and ground, you can prevent static burn machine, just to prevent, but not eradicate! The MEIXI UV flatbed printer each machine is equipped with a special device to remove static electricity, as far as possible to minimize the probability of generating static electricity.

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3. Air temperature, control between 18-30 °; not too hot, not too cold; too hot is easy to cause ink curing, clogging the printhead; too cold, it will affect the fluidity of the ink, maintain a good working temperature, you can make the ink in a very smooth state of work, improve the life of the printhead to ensure good printing results! Solution: MEIXI in order to ensure the fluidity of the ink at low temperatures, the use of silica gel tropical heating of the secondary cartridge, effectively relieving the viscosity of the ink working at low temperatures of the machine!

4. The ground flatness, the flatter the better. Or the machine below the four wheels to adjust the height, and then fixed! So that the machine does not shake during work to ensure print quality!

5. The working environment voltage, the current Chinese domestic market, individual regional voltage instability, it is recommended that customers equip themselves with a transformer to prevent voltage instability or sudden interruption of electricity caused by the failure of the electrical parts of the machine board!

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