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Please Note the Maintenance of Your UV Printer Printhead

03/09 2022

MEIXI UV Flatbed Printer is the right choice for your work. Printhead as the most important UV printer, but also the most vulnerable parts, in your work to provide convenience at the same time, you should also spend a little time in its work to do a care of it.

The normal operation of the nozzle directly affects the normal operation of the entire UV machine. And the nozzle is also the most expensive and easily damaged parts of the whole machine. Therefore, the UV machine has helped you a lot at the same time, you should also pay attention to protect the printhead. The following are the matters that need to be noted when maintaining the printheads.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

I. Do not disassemble and install the printhead with electricity.

Without turning off the power switch and cut off the main power supply in the case of random installation and removal of digital printer circuitry. This behavior will damage the life of each system, especially the UV printer printheads.

II. Can not leave the cleaning fluid in the printhead for too long.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Cleaning fluid for a long time to soak the printhead can be more effective in removing stains, but if the immersion time of more than 48 hours may have a corrosive effect on the printhead nozzle holes.

III. Must be cleaned to change the ink.

Even the same ink, different manufacturers of ink contains different ingredients, if not cleaned directly for the ink may produce more particles and clog the printhead, so the ink must be thoroughly cleaned before changing the ink path and printhead.

IV. Not to use the quality of the ink and cleaning fluid.

Substandard quality ink will affect the effect of spray painting and clogging the printhead, substandard quality cleaning fluid may also corrode the printhead, do not lose because of the small choice of inexpensive, substandard quality ink and cleaning fluid, the best choice of equipment manufacturers specify the ink, or the equipment manufacturer may not therefore not warranty equipment.

V. Not recommended for high-pressure air gun vigorous cleaning of the printhead.

Cleaning nozzle is a delicate task, you can not use a high-pressure air gun to directly flush the nozzle, if the nozzle is only slightly clogged, you can use a syringe to gently flush, the syringe can also add the right amount of cleaning fluid to clean the nozzle.

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