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The Impact of Meixi UV Flatbed Printing Several Reasons

06/06 2022

When the Meixi UV flatbed printing printing effect is not good, you do a good job of self-examination? In addition to the elements of the equipment itself, there may be other reasons for the formation.

1. Operating skills: Meixi UV flatbed printing method of use is one of the elements that directly affect the printing effect, so the operator must be trained to get started, so that you can print out high-quality products. Wide range of consumers to stop the purchase of UV flatbed printing, can request manufacturers to provide the appropriate technical training guidance and machine maintenance methods.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

2. Coating disposal: part of the printed material needs to be equipped with a special coating, in order to print the pattern more successfully on the material surface. The disposition of the coating is very important, the first point must be average, the coating average on the color average; secondly, to choose the right coating, not mixed, the current coating is divided into hand-rubbed coating and spraying.

3. The UV ink: Meixi UV flatbed printing requires the use of special UV ink, ordinary manufacturers will be sold with the quality of UV ink will directly affect the printing effect, for different nozzles of the machine to choose different ink, directly to the manufacturer to stop the purchase or use the manufacturer’s recommended ink. As are manufacturers and UV ink manufacturers to stop the distribution of various aspects to have the ink adapted to the printhead.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

4. Print material: the operator’s level of understanding of the material will also affect the effect of printing. UV ink itself will react with the print material, will be infiltrated by a certain percentage of different materials, different levels of infiltration, so the operator’s familiarity with the print material will affect the effect of printing. Ordinary metal, glass, ceramics, wood, these denser materials; ink is difficult to penetrate into; so with the coating to stop the disposal.

5. Picture itself elements: when the UV flatbed printing complete no problem, to think about whether it is to be printed picture of its own elements, if the picture itself is very ordinary pixels, then certainly no good printing effect. Even if the picture to stop refinement, but also can not reach a higher quality printing effect.

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