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MEIXI’s silicone printing solution helps to promote industry innovation

06/07 2022

Silicone, also known as silicate gel, was initially mainly used in the military industry, as a new synthetic polymer material, it has high temperature resistance, easy to clean, non-toxic and tasteless, a variety of colors, etc. With the application of silicone in various fields such as industry, it has gradually replaced rubber materials, its application areas continue to expand, the market space continues to grow, such as: baby products, kitchen products, medical equipment and other fields, has become It has become an indispensable part of people’s daily life.

  The increasing standard of living has led to a new generation of consumers not only pursuing practicality when choosing products but also beginning to pay attention to the appearance of fashion personality. The traditional printing method for silicone products is mostly silk-screen printing, which is a process that can cause harm to the human body in addition to the pungent smell of some products. Not only is the process complex, the color is single and can not be customized according to customer needs in small batches, which seriously restricts the development of the industry.

  In order to meet the ever-changing market demand, MEIXI R&D team has successfully developed a silicone printing solution after repeated and continuous testing and overcoming various problems, which perfectly solves some printing problems of silicone products. For example, the children’s educational toys such as mousetrap, children’s silicone watches, etc., can print gradient color effect on the pure color silicone material through UV printing technology and can meet up to 20mm drop printing for the concave and convex surface material, with rich color and high color fastness of the finished products.

  MEIXI‘s newly developed model MX-2513UV, with humanized design, more convenient loading and unloading, 2.5m*1.3m ultra-wide printing size, equipped with industrial grade Ricoh G5/G6 printhead (optional), in high-speed printing mode, can meet the needs of high-volume, high-efficiency production, is undoubtedly the ideal choice for the silicone products industry.

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