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Toy uv printer production process has an odor?

05/03 2022

Toy uv printer can be said to have been put into the market for some years, as long as the machine always has some small problems, often use toy uv printer people may find that in the process of printing we use toy uv printer will produce some odor, the worse the use of ink produced by the smell more intense, estimated in the mind of the toy uv printer on the body there is no harm left a big question mark.

Toy uv printing effect

Toy uv printer production in the odor may come from where? Many people in contact with the toy uv printer will say that the toy uv printer in the printing process ink will produce odor, not produce odor is impossible, so what are the sources of odor, how to solve this situation?

Source 1: equipment led ultraviolet light curing lamp in the irradiation will produce a slight ozone, the smell is relatively light, and the amount is small, generally do not smell; such as the smell is heavy, check whether the lamp power is too high, has been damaged, timely solution can be.

Source 2: When the led light irradiation material, on the one hand, the ink and the material surface produced a chemical reaction, releasing the smell, on the other hand, the heat brought will destroy the surface of the material. A small amount of material affected will be cracked out of the relevant chemical substances, producing irritating odor; according to actual needs, reduce the light irradiation power, or wipe a coating on the surface of the material.

Source 3: UV ink products themselves contain a certain odor and will produce some odor after curing, generally within a reasonable range. If the odor is too strong, check whether the ink is expired, whether it is inferior, replace it with a new qualified ink.

Source 4: In the absence of communication with the manufacturer, some users will add some auxiliary materials such as additives in the ink or material surface, these untested liquid, may also produce irritating odor. Please do not arbitrarily with the debugging of ink, coating and other consumables to avoid damage to the equipment.

Source 5: Different materials of substrates affected by the environment, will crack out the relevant chemicals, producing irritating odor.

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