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Why is the ink of UV printer CMYK four primary colors?

05/10 2022

Many of the UV printer is not very deep knowledge of friends, especially familiar with traditional printing such as screen printing, offset printing and other ways of customers, the UV printer CMYK four primary colors with is not very clear. Some customers will also raise the display is three primary colors, why UV ink is four primary colors such a problem.

Theoretically, UV printers for color printing, only three primary colors, namely cyan (C), magenta (M) and yellow (Y), have been able to combine the color gamut, just like the RGB three primary colors of the monitor. However, due to the UV ink in the production process, due to its composition, the purity of the color will be limited, with CMY three primary colors of ink can only produce a dark brown color close to pure black, printing needs to add black (K) to produce pure black.

Therefore, UV printers using UV inks as printing consumables must add a black color to the three primary colors theory, which is the reason why UV printing uses the CMYK model, which is also called four colors in the UV printing industry. In addition, the six colors often heard in the market is to add Lc and Lm to the CMYK model, adding these two light UV inks is to meet those scenarios that have higher requirements for the color of printed patterns, such as the printing of advertising display materials. Six-color model can make the printed pattern more full of color, more natural transition and obvious sense of hierarchy.

In addition, with the market for UV printer speed and printing effect of increasingly high requirements, some manufacturers also launched more color configuration, in addition to six colors to get some spot colors, but these are also the same, the principle and four-color, six-color model is the same.

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