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UV printer can also do this! A new application scheme makes the wall not limited to acrylic, PVC and other materials

04/08 2022

UV printer has been widely used in life. With the different needs of different customers, UV printing has jumped out of people’s inherent cognition and has been widely used, especially in the construction of cultural wall.

Are traditional materials such as photo boards still widely used in today’s cultural walls? However, the advertising logo industry is not without new exploration. The cost of acrylic and PVC is higher than that of many businesses. In addition, the production cost, labor cost and time cost are also a lot of expenses.

The cost of transparent materials such as transparent stickers and super transparent stickers is better and cheaper than acrylic and PVC. Transparent materials such as transparent stickers and super transparent stickers are favored by the majority of users in the production of cultural walls. In particular, restaurants, characteristic restaurants and milk tea shops are widely used as cultural walls.

With the progress of the times and the impact of the economic environment, the advertising industry has put forward high requirements. Transparent materials such as transparent stickers and super transparent stickers came into being: a new scheme with back glue and one paste can be made quickly through UV printer, which is deeply loved by the majority of businesses in practical application! Usually, there is no need for advertisers to add new machines and use existing equipment to process and customize, which makes people have to serve!

Take you to know more about printing the production scheme of cultural wall. Transparent materials such as transparent paste and super transparent paste have obvious advantages over traditional PVC / acrylic cultural wall:

Transparent material, the part without pattern is integrated with the wall; It has its own back glue, which can be posted directly without professional installation personnel; High quality and low price, economical and affordable; It can be cut freely and pasted in blocks; Removable back glue can be easily removed without leaving glue and will not damage the wall; Waterproof, antifouling and non fading, and the pattern size can be customized.

Of course, this printing scheme also has certain restrictions:

First, the gloss, three-dimensional feeling and durability are slightly inferior to the traditional acrylic / PVC;

Second, there are restrictions on the use of Landscape: dust surface, hollow wall, concave convex surface and damp wall can not be used, and others can be used.

The uv printer that support the above transparent paste, super transparent paste and other transparent materials to print the production scheme of cultural wall are as follows

1. MX-2513UV

2.MX-2513UV PRO

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