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How can uv flatbed Printers achieve relief effect?

04/07 2022

UV flatbed Printers are widely used in many fields, such as advertising signs, home decoration, handicraft processing, etc. it is an old saying that any material plane can print exquisite patterns. Today, let’s talk about another powerful aspect of UV flat-panel printers: the relief effect of printing three-dimensional and beautiful visual effect. So what is relief?

The artistic expression forms of color relief are diversified, and the conventional definition is between round carving and painting. It is the innovative charm of the combination of traditional carving technology and color painting technology. The products printed with relief effect have strong three-dimensional feeling and excellent three-dimensional effect. Relief is a kind of sculpture effect with concave convex three-dimensional appearance on the surface of plane objects. The objects printed with relief effect show 3D three-dimensional visual effect when viewed with eyes, and the concave convex smooth feeling when touched with hands. The hand feel is exquisite. The picture is not only hierarchical, but many consumers will according to the product demand when producing products. The pattern of relief visual effect will be higher than the plane image. This unique function can not be achieved by other types of machines. It can be achieved by using Meixi UV printer.

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