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What are the advantages of leather uv printer?

04/26 2022

uv printer can be applied to a wide range of industrial industries are recognized, and in the leather printing industry is also particularly notable, so also known as leather printing machine, manufacturers uv printer machine to inkjet printing, in the printing process nozzle and the object is non-contact, the traditional printing machine because the temperature and pressure lead to some materials can not be normal Printing and deformation, so uv printing compared to traditional printing in the technical breakthrough, can be directly on the leather color, save a lot of processes and time costs, then the advantages of leather uv printer and what are they? Today MEIXI share a few points with you.

1, High-precision color enrichment, detailed spray printing effect
The choice of variable ink droplets of uv printing technology, so that leather uv printer perfect printing colorful printing leather effect, plus the benefits of high-precision uv printer nozzle excellent printing technology play, perfect interpretation of ultra-high fineness and color degree of the combination, more support embossed sense of effect, show rich color at the same time, to achieve visual and tactile difference effect, alive and well.

2, bright color fastness, to achieve high fidelity of the spray printing pattern, increase the length of storage
Leather uv flatbed printer used uv ink are imported environmentally friendly ink, bright colors and short curing time, curing uv ink stability, so it has a strong color fastness, spray printing out color patterns with scratch, wear resistance, folding and other advantages, while spray printing patterns do not lose color, do not fade and other characteristics.

3, to meet the demand for high-speed uv color spray painting, to achieve high speed and high productivity
uv flatbed printer printing leather without plate making, a molding, no need to Li color, spray printing process uv ink drying, uv spray painting can be directly packaged production after completion, greatly reducing the time cost, improve production efficiency. At the same time have batch uv color printing function, can realize the same printing batch of leather printing different color patterns, or different leather printing different colors or patterns and other powerful uv printing technical support, so whether from uv printing cost or batch of different kinds of patterns printing speed has a different technical innovation than the traditional industry.

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