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What is UV Ink?

02/28 2022

UV ink is characterized as an oil-based ink (also called ink), in addition to the main use in UV machines. UV ink for short.

UV ink that is played dry: UV ink has the characteristics of selective absorption of UV light. Drying is affected by the total energy of UV light source radiation light and the distribution of different wavelengths of light energy. Under the irradiation of UV light, UV ink photopolymerization initiator absorbs certain wavelengths of photons, excited to the excited state, the formation of free radicals or ions. Then through intermolecular energy transfer, the polymerization of prepolymer and light-sensitive monomers and polymers become excited state, the resulting charge transfer complex. These complex particles are constantly cross-linked polymerization, curing into a film

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UV ink due to its special internal structure reasons. Can not see light and high temperature. UV ink bottles are generally black. UV machine internal ink circuit system is also opaque black-based.

UV ink curing speed is actually and color has a certain relationship, UV ink in some colors absorb more ultraviolet light, some colors absorb less ultraviolet light, so resulting in curing speed is not uniform, but only a slight difference. For the actual printing process does not have too much impact.

UV ink printed using UV printer color state is matte state, the reason is because UV ink curing speed is very fast, and before it becomes smooth and smooth it will be cured after printing. Since the light is diffusely reflected on the UV ink surface, so the gloss becomes difficult to appear (matte: reflected light is “diffuse reflection”, no glare, no glare, giving people a sense of stability and elegance. Glossy surface is smooth, reflective light mirror reflection, glare. (Give people a bright and gorgeous feeling.)

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