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Precautions in Meixi UV Printer Operation

02/23 2022

After familiar with the operation and knowledge of the UV printer, many friends use it with ease, and gradually tends to be skilled in the operation process. But after using a period of time, there will be frequent problems, to the use and operation of many problems, what is the reason for this?

In fact, UV printers are not like ordinary inkjet printers, after a long period of experimentation and research and development eventually stabilized. Most of the UV printers are domestic manufacturers themselves to produce production, so some small problems are not effectively solved. Due to the usual improper use is easy to offend the DUG of this, which eventually led to the UV printer problems constantly.

1.UV printer placement problems

UV printer as a large-format advertising printing equipment, is generally rarely moved. So when you first start working, must be placed on a flat surface. Uneven placement, tilt will indirectly affect the printing effect, reduce the print speed of the printhead, serious will also cause permanent damage to the rack structure. So, pay attention to the installation at home, try to choose a large space, the ground is flat, dust-free environment.

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2. UV printer cleaning work

UV printers need timely cleaning and maintenance, not only the external rack of regular cleaning, there are internal nozzles and board lines maintenance. UV printer long-term use, the machine will accumulate a thick layer of dust, use a wet rag for regular wiping, so that the UV printer hardware, the company’s image to show favorable; internal nozzles are places that require special attention, regular head blocking is largely the usual The cleaning and maintenance work is not done, but also may also be affected by external reasons.

Therefore, in order to avoid the impact of clogged printheads at work, regular maintenance is required. Daily print tests are required to ensure that the printhead is in optimal working condition. The printhead is clogged can use the injection machine to manually flush the nozzle, but do not use too much force.

3. UV printers on the prohibition of placement

Common electrical appliances on the anti-repressure mark, UV printers are also the same. In production, perhaps because of the convenience of the work will be placed on the UV printer, which is likely to damage the printer’s shell and frame. Some UV printers have a thin shell, after heavy pressure deformation of the rack fit has an impact; platform with a suction system, mainly to fix the flat material, so there are many small holes, if the liquid or fine particles placed on the platform into the interior, may cause damage to internal parts.

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4. Finally turn off the power

May watch TV have the habit of directly unplugging the wire, but in the UV printer work must not directly off the power. UV printer in the printing process, the nozzle is in the state of leakage, directly unplug the power words, the nozzle did not return to the right ink capsule, in a dry and not closed environment, a long time within the nozzle ink solidification, plugging phenomenon is easy to happen.

The use and maintenance of UV printers have a lot to say, so don’t forget to make money at the same time, to maintain it well, to prevent the “strike” caused by the impact of the work.

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