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Why Is the Industrial Print Nozzle Suitable for Meixi UV Flatbed Printer

04/20 2022

Interlaces are like mountains, in the UV printer market, after more than a decade of market reshuffling, the industry has entered a relatively transparent stage. But with the popularity of UV digital printing in industrial applications, many new partners from all walks of life have been curious and imaginative about UV printers. But there are too many brands on the market, the price is very different, a time will let these new contacts want to understand the UV printer partners into a dilemma of choice.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

With the industry inside a recognized saying, UV printer manufacturers’ core competitiveness lies in the inkjet control system, while the inkjet control system is subject to the good or bad design of motion control, printheads, boards, software and so on combined with good. Most of the current domestic UV printer manufacturers, the investment in research and development has not been as enthusiastic as those of the early old brand, which is due to emerging brands or some small and micro enterprises are basically “fetishism”, many manufacturers are more like an assembly plant. Are “fetishism”, why some manufacturers of products do well, while some do not? The core of the problem or inkjet control system.

Industrial UV printing, the core concern is always capacity and cost. In our contact with the many industrial applications of customers, basically will ask about these two aspects. And the combination of the two, in fact, customers need one or a group of print results to meet the end-consumer customers, high capacity, reduce labor costs, easy to operate, easy to maintain, stable operation and can adapt to long working hours of industrial UV printers.

For this attribute of industrial UV printer requirements, the choice of printheads is critical. Thousands of dollars of small civilian printheads in the life and stability is certainly no match for industrial printheads like Ricoh G5 / G6, worth more than 10,000 or tens of thousands of dollars. Although like some small printheads, the accuracy of these printheads will not be worse than Ricoh, but for industrial production, to achieve a certain capacity needs, relying on these small printhead configuration of the machine, only by stacking printheads, buy more than one of the so-called business recommendation “industrial UV printer” to make up for the shortcomings of the lack of capacity of a single device.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

From the production point of view, the same capacity requirements, who are willing to use the minimum number of equipment (site costs), the minimum number of operators (labor costs), simple maintenance, troubleshooting and repair time is short (the number of printheads can not be too many, reduce maintenance and downtime) to complete. But in fact, many new partners in the final choice of industrial UV printers or against this original intention, wait until the cost is getting higher, it has been difficult to go back. Therefore, for industrial UV printing, we should not be greedy for the cheap price of a single machine when choosing equipment such as UV printers, but rather should consider the site, labor, downtime, these factors that really affect the effectiveness.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Meixi UV flatbed printer full models using cold light source UV-LED system curing, longer life, more energy efficient and power saving, printing instant drying, to expand the scope of application of the printer material, full models using the head anti-collision configuration, in order to provide you with better printing help at the same time, to ensure the safety of the print nozzle, reduce your use of UV machines on the nozzle loss. printers use environmentally friendly UV curing ink adapted to Ricoh printheads as standard, and are equipped with a secondary cartridge heating function to ensure fast printing while ensuring that the ink does not solidify, thereby reducing the appearance of printing failures.

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