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Flatbed printer maintenance and printhead maintenance

04/21 2022

Flatbed printer maintenance as well as nozzle maintenance, which is actually a long-term thing, but also can be used for a long time, but because of all the incorrect means of operation, greatly reducing the life of the uv printer nozzle. After a long period of collation, the summary of the 10 most likely to harm the printhead behavior, but also allows everyone to have a certain understanding of uv printer maintenance knowledge, remind customers to pay attention to the daily uv printer maintenance.

1, without turning off the power switch and cut off the total power supply in the case of random installation and removal of the uv printer circuit. This behavior will damage the service life of each system and endanger the printhead.
2, arbitrarily refilled with different batches of ink, or use the quality of the ink or cleaning fluid is not good. Two different configurations of ink mixed will change the ink color and quality, the quality of the ink will affect the effect of spray painting and clogging the printhead, the quality of the cleaning fluid may corrode the printhead.
3, the uv flatbed printer nozzle high-pressure air gun vigorous cleaning. Nozzle if it is slightly clogged, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to wash out the dust, and then meticulous cleaning, do not use this way.
4, the uv printer nozzle the whole into the cleaning solution soaked. Cleaning fluid is corrosive, so generally only take the right amount into the nozzle for cleaning.
5, the cleaning solution will be left in the printhead more than 2 days and 2 nights. Cleaning solution for a long time soak can be more effective in removing stains, but if the time exceeds 48 hours, it will have an impact on the nozzle nozzle holes.
6, use your own no-quality products to clean the nozzle. Nozzle is very easy to be contaminated and wear, so please use the manufacturer’s specified products and quality control products to clean the nozzle.
7, the use of external forces do not regulate the position of the nozzle. Whether to replace or fine-tune the nozzle, do not use brute force, please treat the nozzle carefully in accordance with the specifications.
8、When cleaning do not pay attention to protect the circuit board and other internal systems. When cleaning, please turn off the power, and take care not to let the water touch the circuit board and other internal systems.
9, a long time to use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the nozzle. In fact, if you usually pay attention to the nozzle maintenance, there is no need for ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasound will have a negative impact on the nozzle. But if the blockage is serious, the need to use ultrasonic cleaning, a cleaning time of up to 3 minutes. If a cleaning does not feel, please wait for the nozzle to naturally cool down to a normal state before the second cleaning.
10, do not pay attention to the ground equipment safety. uv printer printing is greatly affected by static electricity, so you must often ground equipment connection situation, and regularly sprinkle a little salt water around the ground.

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