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Entering 2022, the most popular UV printer in the market is still it!

03/29 2022

The printer industry has entered the peak season, and major types of printers have been robbed by the market. In 2022, the most popular UV printer in the market is MEIXI MX-2513UV flatbed printer under MEIXI, which dominates the market with four advantages of “high precision, high speed, stability and durability”. MEIXI MX-2513uv flat bed printer is made of high-quality materials, such as Japanese THK guide rail, which improves the overall quality of the equipment in detail and creates a high-end UV printer.

Product advantages:

1.MEIXI MX-2513UV Flatbed UV Printer use 4 Rows Print Carriage with Heating. 4 Rows total 10Pcs Head Position for GEN5. Printer has 8 Rows Ink Pipe, 5 Ink Tanks and 5 Secondary Ink Cartridge as standard. Customer can choose CMYK / CMYK, LC, LM + W + V according to requirements.The cartridges are temperature-adjustable and can easily cope with various external temperatures.

2.MEIXI MX-2513UV GEN5 Flatbed UV Printer use of double THK linear guide makes the equipment run smoothly, long service life, no maintenance under normal working environment within ten years long life; greatly reduce the noise generated by the equipment in the process of high-speed movement, noise can be controlled within 40 decibels.

3.MEIXI MX-2513UV GEN5 Flatbed UV Printer use Integrated honeycomb platform, hard oxidation process on the surface, 2.2KW silent fan, 5 sections of zoning control. It is easy for the operator to operate the ball valve during the use of the machine, and the personnel do not need to move to the side of the machine to reduce the movement of personnel.

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