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Factors affecting the printing effect of UV flatbed printer

05/19 2022

1, the equipment operator’s operating skills
Operators to receive professional exercise to be able to print out high-precision products. Customers in the purchase of UV flatbed printers, manufacturers will provide exercise and technical guidance. Must be pure control of the use of the machine, understand the operation of the machine software, assuming that there is no understanding, be sure to ask our engineers in a timely manner Oh!

2, layer disposition is not average
UV flatbed printer coating disposal can be average will also affect the role of printing. In a part of the relatively special material media need to be paired with a special coating to increase the adhesion of the material, to be able to better print the pattern on the surface of the material. If you are worried about adhesion, no matter, we will find a way to help you deal with the adhesion problem.
Echida 2513 uv printer

3、Ink quality
The quality of UV ink on the printing effect is very big Oh! Different machines, different models, different nozzles, different printing materials used in the ink are different. Assuming that the ink is not selected right, not only the printout is not satisfactory, but also may constitute a very big damage to the nozzle, such as nozzle will present blockage, broken needle, broken ink phenomenon.

4, the operator’s professionalism
UV ink itself will react with the printing materials, will penetrate a certain percentage of different raw materials penetration level is not the same, so the operator’s understanding of the level of printing materials will affect the role of printing.

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