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The Advantages of MEIXI UV Flatbed Printer

05/18 2022

UV printer, can also be called UV flatbed printer, digital printing machine or universal printer and so on, MEIXI UV printer with its own advantages in the industry continues to move forward, get so many people’s attention, then UV printer it works what is it? With what advantages to win the public’s favor?

MEIXI DIGITAL focuses on Flatbed UV Printer, Roll to Roll UV Printer. We have MX-6090UV, MX-2513UV and MX-3200UV different size UV Printer. The UV printer is an industrial grade high-tech plate free full-color digital printing machine, UV printer without plate, not subject to material restrictions, full-color image printing once completed, that is, dry. UV printer printing material range, you can print wood, cell phone cases, leather, tiles, aluminum, steel, glass, PVC board, billboards, acrylic, metal signs, shoe material and so on rigid or hard material. And there is no traditional printing as cumbersome steps, connected to the computer, a print is completed, the use of UV ink, through the irradiation of the UV lamp immediately cured, that is, printed that take.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

The UV printer work process is mainly divided into three parts: positioning, printing and curing. Positioning method determines the starting position of printing, printing method determines the difference between UV printing and other printing methods, curing is the biggest feature of UV printing.

Positioning method: positioning principle refers to how the UV printer in different materials, volume, height, shape, accurate printing patterns. In the X-axis positioning through the grating decoder to direct the machine how to print accurately laterally; in the Y-axis, mainly through the servo motor drive to control the length of the printed material; in the height positioning rely on the head of the automatic height measurement function and lift function, accurate measurement of the height.

Printing method: the UV printer used is piezoelectric inkjet printing technology, not directly contact with the surface of the substrate, but rely on the voltage generated inside the nozzle, the UV ink sprayed in the spray hole on the material. Meixi UV printer used is imported from Japan Ricoh Gen5 nozzle, Ricoh G5 nozzle is an industrial-grade nozzle, fast printing speed, high precision, the standard is 7PL, variable drop ink technology grayscale level favored by many businesses.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Curing principle: UV printers use UV-LED lamp, the ultraviolet light emitted during printing and UV ink in a chemical reaction to achieve immediate drying and solidification of the ink. Traditional printing requires baking, drying and other operations to complete the print, and UV printers only need the irradiation of the UV lamp to achieve curing, simplifying the process, saving costs and improving efficiency.

Meixi UV flatbed printers are equipped with UV-LED curing system to ensure the printing effect, speed up the drying of prints, without too much light pollution, is your better choice for printing production.

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