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MEIXI UV Flatbed Printer’s Printing Process Characteristics

05/23 2022

MEIXI UV flatbed printer printing process to achieve personalized patterns, flatbed printing will be able to print the pattern you want on the plate, and its operation is relatively simple, flatbed printer easy to learn, easy to operate, the difficulty of getting started is relatively low, do not need to spend too much time to drum up the operation of the equipment, do not need to waste too much energy to learn, only a flatbed printer will be able to operate, so its performance is very powerful. Therefore, its performance is very powerful, I believe that many users have a deep understanding of this point, the printing cost of flatbed printers is relatively low, cost-effective, and for many solid materials in theory can be printed, that is, its printing materials in a large degree is not limited to print complex and diversified products, the process is slightly cumbersome, to achieve the effect of varnish and embossing effect. No need to make a plate, you can print the required pattern on top of the developed material, what are the main features of the printing process?

1, Applicable to a variety of materials, compatible with a very wide range.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

2, One step to complete, the site after printing can be taken away, to meet the needs of quick proofing and finished products.

3, No plate making, printing and printing fast and relatively low cost, able to use a variety of output software, support a variety of formats of files.

4, Full-color image, once completed, progressive color can fully achieve the printing effect of the photo, the scrap rate is almost negligible.

5, Equipped with color management software, able to make color changes at any time and anywhere, without paying additional costs.

6, The single price is also able to achieve high-definition printing, and large quantities can be printed using sets of templates, saving time and effort.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

7, Only need just half an hour to master and print products, no special skills support.

MEIXI full range of UV flatbed printers are able to achieve full-color images, once completed, progressive color fully achieve photo quality effect, can be quickly mastered, the production of fine products, no professional skills computer operation, no personnel dependence. One step to complete, that is, to print and take, to meet the needs of the finished product quickly.

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