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How about integrated wall panel printer?

05/12 2022

We know that every year the summer is the best time to decorate the house, because the summer temperature is higher, decorating the house is easy to dry, the smell is also easier to evaporate, so most of the house a family choose to decorate their favorite room at this time. The integrated wall panel as one of the most commonly used decoration materials, the price is moderate, very suitable for the high-end consumption needs of the crowd, so the production and sales of integrated wall panels have a huge market prospects.

Integrated wall panel printing effect

Integrated wall panel decoration style 1

The production of integrated wall panels to the finished product is actually a two-step process. One is the extrusion equipment to extrude the substrate board; the second is the lamination and printing. The second part is the simplest and most important, because the beauty of the integrated wall panel will directly affect its sales or not. The second part is the simplest and most important, because the beauty of the integrated wall panel will directly affect its sales. friends who have done home improvement know that the finished integrated wall panel is not a single color, usually printed with a variety of textures or patterns to increase its ornamental value, here you need to use the uv flatbed printer. uv flatbed printer is a device that can print on wood, glass, stone, tile, metal and other materials, in all walks of life have a wide range of applications.

Integrated wall panel decoration style

Integrated wall panel decoration style 2

Integrated wall panels using uv flatbed printer what are the advantages?

  1. Meet the demand for personalization

The uv flatbed printer can meet the personalized demand of integrated wall panel to a greater extent and increase the order quantity.

  1. Good printing effect

Equipment operation is simple, full-color image once completed, maximum savings in manpower and material expenses, helping producers to increase more business opportunities and profits.

  1. Wide coverage

uv flatbed printer can not only print integrated wall panels, other such as: glass, aluminum, pvc, acrylic panels are not in the conversation, to a greater extent to improve the scope of producer services.

  1. green environmental protection

uv flatbed printer operation process, no water, on-demand inkjet, neither waste, no waste water discharge, the printing process also does not produce noise, to achieve a pollution-free green production process.

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