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The Actual Printing Speed of the UV Flatbed Machine

05/16 2022

UV flatbed machine theoretical speed: refers to the mode that the device can achieve, regardless of the exact, regardless of manually loaded print speed, you have a special print mode that can barely achieve. For example: often hear people say that an hour can do up to 60 square meters, 80 square meters, and so on, which is impossible.

UV flatbed printer actual printing speed.

It refers to the actual production process, taking into account the accuracy of manual loading and unloading, taking into account factors such as wiping alcohol or paint, comprehensive printing speed.

There is a relatively simple calculation formula: theoretical speed divided by 2 = production mode printing speed divided by 2 = the actual printing speed. For example: theoretical speed of 40 square meters / hour, 20 square meters in production mode, the actual printing speed of 10 square meters / hour, there will be a 10-15% difference between the upper and lower.

Speed of different modes of UV flatbed printer.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

It refers to the speed in a few passes printing mode, which is also not allowed. Although the greater the value passed, the slower the speed, influencing factors include down paddle, unidirectional, upper and lower material, coating. The actual printing cannot be achieved.

There are three main factors that affect the actual printing speed UV flatbed machine.

1, Loading and unloading time: In the advertising industry, it usually takes four minutes to manually lift, align and remove the print according to a standard plate. Assuming the calculation of 2513 type UV flatbed printer of 16 square / hour speed, the time required for the standard plate is about 12 minutes. Plus 4 minutes of manual loading and unloading, equivalent to 16 minutes, an hour can be printed on less than 4 standard sheets.

2, The stability of the machine and the technical level of personnel: the former is mainly controlled by the manufacturer, the two manufacturers vary greatly between some cheap UV flatbed machine has been repaired for 3 days and overhauled for 5 days. About 2 months to 3 months of repairs. The technical level of personnel: drawing efficiency, software operation efficiency, etc. It is recommended to choose a skilled technician to reduce the scrap rate.

3, Pre-press process: before printing need to wipe the coating some materials, some need to flame treatment, some need to wipe alcohol, etc., which will affect the actual UV flatbed printer printing speed, which can not be ignored looked at.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

How to improve the actual printing speed of the UV flatbed printer as much as possible?

1, Choose the lower surface of the device to print all parts of the UV flatbed printer, while the back of the material processing, change the back part of the material, change the front part of the material to achieve continuous printing of the machine:.

2, Operational details: choose the right print mode, set the amount of feathering, the efficiency of making drawings, and so on, which are affected by different degrees of ultraviolet light flatbed printer technology level is.

3, Upgraded version of the UV flatbed printer configuration is not limited to: improve the speed of the printhead, replace the higher performance printhead, select the double column printing method, etc.

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