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MEIXI MX-2513UV G6 flatbed printer – High speed mode 74m²/h

03/08 2022

Main product lines of MEIXI: 2513UV flatbed printer, 3220UV flatbed printer, 6090UV flatbed printer, 2513 hitting board king and other equipment. Widely used in advertising signs, home decoration backgrounds, crafts, leather, sliding glass doors and other fields.

Today we introduce you to the MEIXI MX-2513UV GEN6 industrial printhead flatbed printer with magnetic levitation motion system – up to 74m²/h in high speed mode

Meixi MX-2513H uv flatbed printer with Ricoh G6 printhead for faster speed, higher accuracy and longer life for batch production.

Magnetic levitation motion system

The magnetic levitation motion system replaces the belt pulling system, such as the difference between magnetic levitation train and ordinary train, which not only improves the output of the machine but also solves the accuracy error caused by the belt pulling trolley due to thermal expansion and contraction and the elasticity of the belt!

Metal magnetic grid

Metal will not wear, durable, reliable and stable, to ensure high-resolution output, linear motor walking more stable, two-way switch more rapid and sensitive, to ensure faster production speed, higher printing accuracy.

Japan THK imported guide rail / imported screw

Large surface to improve the inking accuracy, inking error is greatly reduced; silent filament rod, high precision, low noise, wear resistance, accurate positioning.

Applicable materials

Wooden board/aluminum board/wooden board/door board/cardboard/chevron board/ceiling/glass/ceramic/acrylic/PVC/fabric/wallpaper/backing/spray cloth/light box cloth/film/soft film/ceiling/car sticker, etc.

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