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MEIXI UV Flatbed Printer Coating Usage and Preservation Matters

04/13 2022

UV flatbed printer although you can print patterns on the surface of thousands of materials, but due to the characteristics of different material surfaces, UV ink adhesion, flexibility and other performance differences, will lead to peeling, peeling and other situations in some materials, which requires the use of UV coating to solve this problem.

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There are six types of UV flatbed printer coatings commonly available on the market.

1, UV flatbed printer glass coating.

For organic glass, tempered glass, with glazed tiles, crystals and other glass materials need to do special treatment, there are two types of quick-drying coating and with baking, the former wipe and leave for 10 minutes to print the pattern, the latter needs to be put into the oven first after baking and then print the pattern.

2, UV flatbed printer PC coating

There are some PC material hard material, usually poor adhesion! Some PC material direct printing does not need coating! General imports of pvc acrylic board need to wipe down the pc coating.

3, UV flatbed printer metal coating

Metal coating: for aluminum, copper plate, tinplate, aluminum alloy and other materials, there are transparent and white two, need to be used on the finished product, not in the stamping, injection molding before use, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced.

4、UV flatbed printer leather coating

Suitable for leather, leather, pvc leather, pu leather, etc., sprayed on the surface of the leather material, quietly waiting for natural drying.

5, UV printer ABS coating

Suitable for wood, PVC, ABS, plaster, thickened kraft paper, acrylic, PS PVC and other material surfaces, wipe the coating, natural drying can be printed.

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6、UV printer silicone coating

Suitable for silicone, rubber material. Poor surface activity, to flame treatment, or adhesion is not enough, flame treatment by experience, the surface can not be sprayed too thick, otherwise it is not easy to bake dry.

Method of use.

1, the coating required for the blending agent has a fixed ratio and mixing skills, need to follow the instructions.

2, once the coating is found with UV ink dissolved, blistering and other chemical reactions, the need to replace the coating with better compatibility.

3, the coating irritating odor is generally large, the operation process can be matched with a mask, disposable gloves.

4、Different materials correspond to different types of coatings, do not take a coating to adapt to other materials.

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Preservation of coating matters.

1、Place in a cool, backlit and ventilated place.

2、After use, tighten the cap in time.

3、Do not press other materials on top of it.

4、Do not put the coating liquid on the ground, you can choose the shelf.

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