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What Is the Printing Principle Of UV Printer?

07/14 2022

UV printer as a new printing industry, because of its simple operation, printing speed, very popular in the printing market, but you know what is the printing principle of UV printer?  Here is a simple introduction to MEIXI UV printer.  



UV printer printing is divided into three pieces. They are: printing, curing and positioning.

Printing refers to the UV printer using piezoelectric inkjet printing technology, without direct contact with the appearance of raw materials, relying on the voltage inside the nozzle, the ink jet hole to the surface of the substrate.  And UV printer common sprinkler head – Ricoh Gen5 sprinkler head, this is the industrial gray sprinkler head, its accuracy, speed, durability and stability can be called all high!  Nozzle life is long, color gamut is wide, color recovery is impeccable, nozzle calibration is easier, bring optimized printing function and speed.

Curing refers to the drying and condensation process of UV printer ink.  This is completely inconsistent with the previous printing equipment needs to bake, air and other processes, UV printer is UV curing, which is reflected by the ULTRAVIOLET light of the UV lamp and the light coagulant in the ink, so that the UV ink is dry.  The advantage of this is to reduce unnecessary equipment and personnel costs, but also improve production efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Positioning refers to the accurate control of the printing head in different materials, height, shape of the print picture UV printer.  In the X-axis positioning, mainly rely on grating hardware, to command how horizontal printing equipment;  On the Y axis, it mainly relies on servo motor drive to accurately control the advance and retreat of the print head;  In the height of the positioning, mainly rely on the head of the lifting motor;  Depending on these three positioning, UV printer can achieve accurate positioning of the print head, so as to achieve accurate printing.

UV printer as this versatile printer, as long as it is flat raw materials can be printed machine equipment, is the printing profession of equipment, I believe that the choice of UV printer is not wrong, and will certainly bring benefits and wealth.  

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