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What are the advantages of 6090 uv printer?

05/17 2022

With the changing market demand in the field of printing, more and more companies and individuals began to use uv flatbed printers to replace the traditional screen printing, thermal transfer process. In order to better adapt to the times to occupy the market, manufacturers have introduced a variety of models of uv printers to meet the needs of users, which are common 2513, 3020, 6090, 6090 uv printer is the protagonist of this article.

6090uv printer
6090 uv printer was launched mainly to meet the needs of small batch processing customers, it uses a cost-effective Ricoh printhead, breaking the traditional Ricoh printhead only for large industrial ware restrictions, once launched quickly gained market recognition, sales even once more than the mainstream model 2513, 6090 uv printer what are the advantages?

1. Suitable width

600 * 900mm is the largest printing width of 6090 uv printer, can meet the printing of many small size materials, very suitable for personal business or small companies, and occupies little space, mobile is also very convenient.

2. Excellent effect

6090UV printer although the printing width is small, but in no way affect its printing effect, can meet the vast majority of printing needs.

3. High cost performance

Compared to prices starting at 100,000 hundreds of thousands of large uv flatbed printers, 6090UV printer price is really cabbage, only a few tens of thousands of dollars can be, for the budget is not high or first-time investment is very suitable.

In summary, several advantages is not difficult to understand the reason for the popularity of 6090UV printer, on 6090UV printer advantages of what is the problem is introduced here.


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