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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Flatbed Printers

03/28 2022

Flatbed printer is a new industry, new machines, any model has its advantages and disadvantages, so we need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the machine, and then to purchase equipment, whether it is suitable for me.

Meixi UV flatbed printer advantages.

1. Any personalized printing, and there is no limit to the number, no mutation no pattern restrictions

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2. Greatly save labor, save time, save money

3. Simple operation, auxiliary equipment at all, a computer plus the machine that can consume

4. Very suitable for individual processing or consumption, as well as personal entrepreneurship

5. Less space, dozens of square feet can open their own plant
Before we understand some of the advantages of Meixi UV flatbed printer, indeed, brings us a lot of convenience, but the machine always has drawbacks, the following to see some of the disadvantages of UV flatbed printer, so that you can better use.

Meixi UV flatbed printer disadvantages.

1: Meixi UV flatbed printer printing is non-contact, the object is placed on the surface of the platform, the ink car in the guide plane glide. Commonly printed material is flat, if the round or curved object pattern is not printed.

2: Inkjet speed related to screen printing and pad printing is relatively slow, Meixi UV flatbed printer printing the general color, 6 or 8 colors, color one output. Before printing imaging or a little slow. But it is because of the high precision, the quality of good work, there are customers to choose Meixi UV flatbed printing machine. And the savings in labor costs are also advantages.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Meixi UV flatbed printer, the savings in human capital and the important reduction in labor costs, Meixi UV flatbed machine will traditionally four or five people can complete the printing process, reduced to just one person can all be completed. And the flatbed printer for the operator’s technical requirements are not high, so companies in the search for technicians to reduce the difficulty and the pressure to pay wages is not high, thus improving the profits of enterprises. For Meixi UV printer cost analysis, which Meixi UV printer costs are much higher than the cost of flatbed printers, while Meixi UV printer costs in human capital is also much higher than the cost of flatbed printers in human capital.

The shortening of production time to shorten the production time we have to start from the maturity of the equipment and worker technology we use. First is the production speed of the equipment, Meixi UV flatbed machine using high-tech inkjet printing technology, so that the nozzle does not print directly with the substrate to achieve high-speed printing. Second is the efficiency, four-color, eight-color high color reproduction, to ensure the quality of printing, while greatly improving printing efficiency and saving time costs.

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